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replacing my heart with another liver so i can drink more and care less

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me as a parent

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I want to kill Dan when he starts being rude to my sister first then screams at her to shut up when she tells him he is being too much.

I want to kill him when he bangs on the table and screams at jellybean when she is excited about going out. She has a history of being abused by men. And then when she cowers and starts running away from him, he curses and says stupid dog what are you afraid off. He even kicked her one time just cus he spilled cereal on the floor and then she ran to eat it. I mean come on. It is a dog’s natural instinct and he didn’t have to kick her. Nobody should kick a dog like that unless the dog actually attacks somebody and that is the only way to make the dog back off.

I also want to kill him when he drives and gets ridiculous road rage over nothing.

I cannot tolerate it when he just acts like nothing happened and didn’t do anything wrong when he hurt everyone.

I cannot tolerate his anger management issues. I cannot tolerate my sister submitting to him and still wanting to marry him when he treats her like dirt.

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