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I miss my mom so much. I wished I could talk to her and cry.

How To Care For Your Cermet

I dont know why this cracks me up so bad

(Source: youtube.com)

I would like to be a brat. 

and have heaps of money and ready-to-be friends here. i would like to be able have people love me and make time for me and bring me out to all the amazing nature attractions here. 

i would also like to amazingly have my work all completed and for all the information in lectures and labs that i have missed out on to magically integrate into my brain. 

although it is heartbreaking, i would also like a sweetheart to love and cherish me and bring me out on dates. i would like a sweetheart who gets my humor and watches Jenna Marbles and pewdiepie with me, and who loves all animals (especially doggies). i would like a sweetheart to help me feel less worthless and who gets my emotional side. 

i would like success. but happiness more than success.

but heck you know what. we don’t always get what we want in life. even when we work hard sometimes. sometimes life unfolds better than what you plan and hope for. so i guess it is best to just smile and march on. 

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